The Writing Coach By Suzanne G. Beyer

“How to get published,” read the course title in the community college brochure. At 57, I’d always loved writing but never considered selling my essays. I learned a lot from the course, but my publishing “career” would have to be put on hold.

From Suits to Sweats: My Crooked Path to Freelancing By Donna Kozik

The Autobiography of Donna Kozik by Donna Kozik. It was my first work, written when I was about seven years old. It was complete with cover illustration, a Swingline stapler binding and thorough, albeit brief, storytelling. My mother thought it was the best thing she ever read.

On Becoming a Fiction Writer – A 10 Step Guide By Rob Parnell

Recently one of my students posed the question, “How do I become a fiction writer?” I thought about it for a while – there’s no real obvious answer. The urge to write fiction seems God-given for some, a learned skill for others. One thing is certain – it requires practice and a particular mindset. But, […]

Selling Your Series By Joyce and Jim Lavene

Selling Your Series By Joyce and Jim Lavene

You’ve come up with a great idea. You’ve got some unique characters. You think it might be possible that you’ve thought of a series. How do you convince a publisher? The publishing industry is driven by money just like any other. Publishers and writers both want to make a living. One time honored way to […]

My Work Has Value By Damaria Senne

I recently moved into a new apartment and was working on my electronic equipment budget when it struck me that my freelance work had appreciated in value in the past 12 months. After drawing up a list of items I need to buy, I worked on finding the money required. A profile sold to Bona magazine would pay for the new video machine, while a career article sold to Cosmopolitan would pay for the microwave oven. A personal essay on single parenting would replace my old washing machine. The realization that each piece I write could potentially buy me a brand new piece of furniture was exhilarating.