Earth Island Journal

“A quarterly magazine about environmental threats and the people who are working to address them.” Welcomes new writers. 75% freelance. Circ. 12K. Quarterly. Pays on publication. Publishes ms 3-6 months after acceptance. Responds 2-4 weeks. Buys NA rights. Rarely accepts reprints. Sample copy online at http://www.earthisland.org/journal/index.php/where. Subscription $10. Pays $0.25/word for print, $100 flat fee for online.

EARTH Magazine

“Earth science news magazine.” 15% freelance. Welcomes new writers. Circ. 10K. Monthly. Pays on acceptance. Publishes ms two months after acceptance. Buys exclusive rights. No reprints Responds one week. Sample copy available online. Subscription $19.99 digital, $35 print. Guidelines at website. Pays $0.30/word for 300-3000 words.


“Sierra is a source of information, entertainment, and inspiration for people who care deeply about nature. Our mission is to encourage the Sierra Club’s 500,000-plus members (and other readers) to explore, enjoy, and protect the planet.” Welcomes new writers. 75% freelance. Circ. 600K. Bimonthly. Pays on acceptance. Publishes ms 1-6 months after acceptance. Buys first NA serial rights. No reprints. Responds within 30 days. Sample copy available by email. Subscription $15. Pays $1.00-$1.50/word for new writers.