How to Revamp Your Old Book Listing for NEW Sales! – by Christie Avery

How to Revamp Your Old Book Listing for NEW Sales! – by Christie Avery

Whether you released a book a month ago, or a year ago, it can seem as if there’s always something out to get you. From sales dropping, to trends changing, and more it can sometimes look bleak for the aspiring (or seasoned) author.

Over the past four years, I have experienced the dreaded sales slump when it comes to old releases. You find yourself inundated with sales in your first week, first month, and maybe even your first year…and then it happens. Sales and page reads decline, leaving you with less income, and worried that your work isn’t good enough.

But, do not despair. Revamping an old book is relatively easy!

First things first, look at where things might be going wrong. Is your marketing not up to scratch? If that’s the problem, it is incredibly useful to look at book marketing guides online for authors, especially indie authors, that can help you tackle the root of the problem. But that’s time consuming, isn’t it? The easiest, most time-effective step that you can take regarding marketing is submitting your book to various blogs, sites, or more, or even taking an old book and signing it up for Advance Review Copy (ARC) reviews after release at places that offer this service. Some sites require you to have a free or discounted eBook so you may want to go wide and have a free sample ebook available. Reviews can help kick start a book, especially if you have few or none.



If you’re positive that there are parts of your book’s listing that are holding you back, take a quick check at your blurb and your cover. These are the two most important aspects of your book because, even if we hate to think we judge a book by its cover, we do. A gripping cover is mandatory so, if your cover is letting you down, it may be time to get a new one, or even just update it a little. Second, your blurb. There are so many writing groups online that are willing to help you with your blurb, and it can only take a few moments to get some exceptional feedback!

Another key part of your book’s online listing that a lot of people don’t pay attention to are your keywords. These are the words that dictate how well your book shows up on websites, and if it shows up at all! People tend to search for specific things, and people like to just click the suggested search on the Amazon search bar. It’s simple to figure out what trending keywords are. Simply open Amazon in a private tab, search books, and start typing out your book’s genre. The terms that pop up first are the ones that YOU want to be using on your book.

As my last point, I’d like to mention social media. If you’re not active, then you should be! Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are melting pots of readers, and can seriously boost you! You don’t need to buy ads on Facebook for it to work but you should concentrate on building our friends list or followers list. It can often take six or seven times of being exposed to a product before someone purchases it, so don’t be afraid to share old posts again. Just be sure to space them apart by a few days.

Do you have any ideas on shining up a new book? Let us hear about them in the COMMENTS section below!


Christie Avery is an author from the UK. She’s a lover and writer of PNR and enjoys historical fantasy more than anyone she knows. With a degree in marketing, Christie finds herself constantly busy, finding new ways to promote releases and other authors. She’s especially fond of late nights and often finds herself writing frantically into the early hours of the morning, especially during NaNoWriMo. She’s a big fan of epic fantasy and coffee, and likes to write about those things, too (even the coffee!).


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