Post-Pandemic Positive: There are Now TWO Ways to Promote Your Book to Groups! – by Sandy Lindberg

Post-Pandemic Positive: There are Now TWO Ways to Promote Your Book to Groups! – by Sandy Lindberg

book cover ofd 51 shades of online datingExcitement is in the air! Groups are becoming more familiar with virtual events and more groups are getting back to scheduling in-person meetings. This means that presenters are now being sought out to fill schedules. I’m happy to report that I’ve had my first virtual presentation to 100 people about topics related to my book, 51 Shades of Online Dating: A Guide for People Over 50. I’ve also presented in person, and have scheduled more virtual events with organizations across the U.S., as well as more in-person events locally.

After my singles national golf organization’s President and founder informed me he would be including my book information in his next newsletter, I got very fired up, and knew it was time to reignite my marketing efforts. I again started making phone calls, and sending out emails with my book information to YMCAs, senior organizations, meetup groups, and libraries. Within several days, I had booked a local senior center that had just hired a new manager. She was very excited to get me on the schedule and I’m excited to again present in front of live groups. Before retiring, my career was corporate training and now I feel like I’ve come out of retirement!

Organizations are again surfing the Internet in search of authors who write about topics their clientele would be interested in hearing from. This is great news! My book is targeted to the mature single audience and senior organizations are reaching out. Obviously, my purpose is to promote my book and, therefore, am presenting to these groups at no charge.

Each client receives a list of potential topics and they choose one or two that are related to my book or my writing journey. I offer a 30 minute presentation on online dating followed by 30 minutes of Q & A – and that timeframe works well. If an author talks too long, they are in danger of giving away all the highlights of their book, with no need for someone to purchase one. That would be a mistake on the author’s part. After all, the goal is to market our books.

Good luck getting your book in front of more audiences again!

Sandy Lindberg is a retired business owner and corporate trainer. She has over 12 years experience with online dating and her experiences ran the spectrum, as her true experiences and lessons learned will tell. Ms Lindberg is in the over 50 crowd along with being a mother and grandmother.




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