PR For My Book Increased My Other Business Income By $60K By Clyde Morgan, MD

In November, 2010, I self published The 2766th Provisional Headquarters Flight WW II with The book generated sufficient PR in the first year to bring in an increased income of $60,000.00 for my clinic during a year when most physicians I know fought to stay even.

Here’s what worked for me. I keep one book in my reception room at all times. I try not to keep patients waiting to see me, but they usually have enough time to examine the attractive and inviting cover of my book that Todd Engel designed for me through BookLocker, and enough time to examine the chapter headings and read part of the prologue to the book. These are the parts of the book that sell it first. Then, the book itself brings back customers who may buy up to 6 to 8 more books to give to friends, family members, or as gifts for Christmas and special occasions.

My dermatology practice depends heavily upon physician referrals to feed it. Advertising is usually a total waste of money and actually may be detrimental to growing a physician referral base. In the first place, doctors do not like for another medical location to be advertised. They want patients to think of their location first. But physicians are notorious for their coffee sessions with one another. One physician made an appointment just to meet me and buy two books. Since my book was published, physician based referrals have increased five fold.

Often, someone tells me, “We have been talking about you.” When the author and the book are talked about in study groups, in coffee groups, and in any small gathering such as book clubs, books are sold and invitations begin to be extended for presentations. My next book presentation invitation is for a genealogy group, not a topic related to my book. I expect to sell books there, but I will have PR opportunities for my practice, too. For that reason, I never turn down these invitations.

Every one has a story to tell. Marissa Walsh, a literary agent, told me my story should not be lost. Thanks to, my story has not been lost and buzz about my book continues to send new customers to my medical practice.

Clyde Nathaniel Morgan, MD practices dermatology in Abilene, Texas. He is a pilot and an aviation medical examiner for the FAA. During WWII he flew for the Headquarters Flight in Cairo, Egypt, serving as personal pilot to King Ibn Saud, Saudi Arabia.