Becoming an Author One Piece of Trivia at a Time By Jodi M. Webb

I’m a lot of fun on a school field trip (embarrassing is the word my children would choose). It’s not enough for me to visit Philadelphia and listen to the standard speech by the National Park Service employee. I ask weird questions. Who named the Liberty Bell? What did the men who wrote the Constitution eat for lunch? Did they order takeout or did they brown bag it? Did somebody from Philadelphia really invent the Philly cheesesteak? For decades I’ve waited but no one created a magazine “niche-y” enough for the tiny shards of knowledge I’ve gathered.

Then came my breakthrough: an online posting for non-fiction pieces about baseball. I played softball 25 years ago. My grandfather was a Phillies fan. As far as my knowledge about baseball went, that was it – except, didn’t I remember some player wearing the same clothes for a whole season for good luck? Some quick research revealed several players who stuck with