8 Paying Programming Markets for Writers by Karoki Githure

8 Paying Programming Markets for Writers by Karoki Githure

Finding a paying programming website to write for can be overwhelming. Here is a list of markets where you can submit your pitches for consideration. When pitching, make sure you follow the submissions guidelines to understand what they are looking for, their writing guidelines and how to submit your work. In addition, taking a look at their previously accepted articles (to give you an idea of what they are aiming for) will help minimize the chances of rejection.

1. Logrocket – Pays up to $350

LogRocket is a cloud-based monitoring and analytics solution company that helps businesses track and fix UX problems. The platform accepts submissions on different topics such as Product/UI/UX design, frontend development best practices, and tutorials on Flutter, Wasm, React, GraphQL, Redux, Node.js, Rust, etc. The published content aims at helping developers do their job and keep abreast of new technologies. LogRocket pays up to $350 per piece, depending on the scope and quality of a post.

Submission guidelines: https://blog.logrocket.com/become-a-logrocket-guest-author/

2. Twilio – Pays $750

Twilio is a cloud communication platform that allows businesses and developers to build unique and personalized interactions with their customers. The company is regularly looking for programming writers to write on various themes. Writers must pair a theme with a Twilio product and either Java, JavaScript, C#, Python, or PHP programming language. Twilio pays $750 for each submission accepted.

Submission guidelines: https://www.twilio.com/voices

3. Vonage – Pays $500

Vonage is an American company that offers cloud communication services. It accepts technical tutorials that involve any of its products, such as Conversation APIs, Verify, Video, SMS, Voice, etc. Writers must submit original, code-driven, and well-written posts that conform to the company’s style. Vonage pays $500 per post.

Submission guidelines: https://learn.vonage.com/spotlight/

4. Adeva – Pays $200

Adeva is a talent network that helps companies hire and manage tech talent worldwide. They accept submissions on tech-related in-depth tutorials or how-to guides. The primary audience for Adeva is designers, project managers, start-up owners, developers, and other technology enthusiasts. Hence, writers must submit posts that revolve around technical content for their submissions to be accepted. They provide a list of topics to choose from and accept submissions on topics outside the list too. Adeva pays $200 for a post.

Submission guidelines: https://adevait.com/write-for-us\ 

5. Hasura – Pays $300

Hasura is a service technology that accelerates API development. It offers opportunities for writers to write on various topics related to Hasura GraphQL Engine or GraphQL. Generally, it accepts submissions that help developers use the GraphQL Engine easily. Hasura pays $300 for published posts.

Submission guidelines: https://hasura.io/blog/the-hasura-technical-writer-program/

6. Fauna – Pays up to $700

Fauna is “a distributed document-relational database delivered as a cloud API”. It provides an opportunity for programming writers to write technical content on topics such as application development, cloud-native development, step-by-step fauna tutorials, etc. Writers are supposed to send a proposal with their topic of choice and wait for review by Fauna’s editors. Once the submission is accepted, Fauna pays up to $700. The compensation depends on the quality of the post, included examples and codes, and the technical depth.

Submission guidelines: https://fauna.com/blog/write-with-fauna

7. Agora – Pays $250 + $50 for updates

Agora is a communication software solutions company. You can write tutorials and guides to help other developers by expanding and strengthening Agora’s Real-Time Engagement Platform. If interested, you need to come up with an idea and send it to Agora. One of their team members will pair you with an editor who’ll work with you, from revising the outline to publishing. Agora pays $250 for a post, and if there is a need to make updates, you’ll get $50 for each update you make.

Submission guidelines: https://www.agora.io/en/agora-content-contributors/

8. Ambassador – Pays $300

Ambassador, a cloud-native developer experience company, allows writers to write tutorials, case studies, and ultimate guides that offer insights to developers. They are interested in work from developers with demonstrated experience in the topics. To write for Ambassador, you must first send an application with a rough outline to them and wait for review. Once accepted, you will submit your post and refine it with the help of professional editors from the company. Ambassador pays up to $300 for a published piece.

Submission guidelines: https://www.getambassador.io/write-for-us/

Karoki is a full-time freelance writer and loves sharing with other writers on ways to earn through writing.

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