6 Paying Poetry Markets For Writers – by Timmy Peace

6 Paying Poetry Markets For Writers – by Timmy Peace

Want to get paid to write poetry? Good. But, should you quit your other writing jobs solely to pursue poetry jobs? Probably not!

Here are 6 publications that pay for poetry:
1.Rattle: This is my favorite site for writing and submitting poetry. You can also send up to four poems to them at a time. Their deadline for submissions each week is Friday at midnight. “Contributors in print receive $200/poem and a complimentary one-year subscription to the magazine. Online contributors receive $100/poem.”
2. The Sun Magazine: They pay $100-$200 for poetry. They also accept personal essays and fiction, and pay $300-$2000 for those.
3. Crazy Horse: A literary journal that also publishes poetry. They prefer previously unpublished pieces. Submissions should be a set of three to five poems. They pay $20 per page with a maximum of $200.
4. Ruminate: Ruminate poetry and prose often address serious subject matters but with a note of hope. Emerging writers welcome. They currently pay $20 per page with a maximum of $80 per poem.
5. Arc Poetry Magazine: They not only publish poetry, but articles about poetry as well. Submissions must not exceed three poems. They pay $50 per page for poetry or prose that is published in the magazine.
6. The Three Penny Review: The Three Penny Review is a well regarded journal of the arts and society which as been published since 1980. They only accept email submission of poems. They pay $200 per poem and they do not accept poems that have previously been published elsewhere. Poetry should be 100 lines or less.

Timmy Peace works as a ghost writer for websites, and lives in South Africa.

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