Paying Equestrian Markets For Writers by Karoki Githure

Paying Equestrian Markets For Writers by Karoki Githure

If you have a deep-seated love for horses, you’re in luck. Writers interested in the equestrian industry can find profitable work at some of the industry’s most popular magazines. You can submit your work for consideration at any of these famous publications. To improve your chances of getting hired, you must study their submission guidelines carefully, and apply them correctly. It would help if you also review the publications in the respective magazines to get a feel of their tone and writing style.

  1. Horse Network

The production of original, in-depth material covering all topics connected to the equestrian world, such as culture, politics, health, and horsemanship, is the primary focus of Horse Network. However, they are now accepting entries for biographies, interviews, human interest stories, and articles on horse health.

Horse Network pays a standard fee of $50 for each publication submitted. However, if your article obtains more than one thousand social likes, you will get a social shares bonus of $100.

Submission guidelines: 

  1. Hoof Beats

Hoof Beats is one of the most popular harness racing magazines. Hoof Beats encourages freelancers to send in article requests related to harness racing and the Standardbred business since about seventy percent of the published content is by freelancers. Departments pay $100 while features pay $500. Hoof Beats makes all payments upon the article’s publication.

To increase your chances for acceptance, ensure that you familiarise yourself with the magazine’s audience, style, and voice.

Submission guidelines:

  1. Horse & Rider

Horse & Rider is the premier Western equestrian publication targeting both professional and amateur Western. The magazine offers in-depth training articles, useful stable management information, accessible health care pointers, safe trail riding tactics, thorough product reviews, and an insider’s look at critical equestrian events.

Depending on the article length, department, and research, their payment scale is between $25 to $400. Upon accepting your inquiry, Horse&Rider will discuss with you the payment terms.

Submission guidelines: 

  1. Equestrian Living

EQ offers an insider’s look into the equestrian community and a captivating blend of equestrian fashion, design, events, travel, literature, the arts, and sports. EQ accepts submissions of articles ranging from stories about notable persons who have adopted an equestrian lifestyle to behind-the-scenes coverage of events. It also includes essays and fiction.

EQ accepts features ranging from 1200 to 3000 words, and pays $220 to $300. Departments having 350 to 550 words, and pay $100. The payment varies depending on the length and complexity of your submission. However, note that the compensation for features is negotiable.

Submission guidelines: 

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