Write What You Know? Or Not By Michele Howe

When two of my closest friends became single moms over sixteen years ago, I had no idea that their trials, tribulations and challenges would become the touchstone of my writing career. What began as a therapeutic way to tell my friends’ stories (and to help other single moms) has grown into multiple articles, four books, and a column. All because my dear friends were willing to share their stories, first with me, and then with others.

Right after their divorces, I recall being amazed and so proud of these women’s hard choices, and how they determined to raise their family solo, in positive, proactive ways. As a good friend and onlooker, I’d carefully watch, ask questions, and then cheer them both on. Over time, I started writing article after article, telling readers how to tackle the various challenges of being a new single mom, which evolved into my book, Going It Alone: Meeting the Challenges of Being a Single Mom.

It always surprises me when people ask me how I come up with writing material because I never have to look further than my own experiences or the experiences of those I love. Everyone has a story to tell. Not everyone has someone to tell it for them.

Writers have that privilege, to be the voice for another person, and what a blessed privilege it is.

Michele Howe is a single parenting columnist, and is also the author of Still Going It Alone: Mothering with Faith and Finesse


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