How to Create Multiple Series of Books to Attract More Readers! – by K.M. Robinson

How to Create Multiple Series of Books to Attract More Readers! – by K.M. Robinson

As an author with multiple book series out, I’ve found I get a unique blend of crossover fans and new fans for each individual series. As new books are released, I treat each one of them as if it were my only series, and market it without relying on my other books to sell them. This helps me to bring in a new crowd, and some of them branch out into my other series as well.

By treating each series as an individual, it doesn’t matter what I’ve already done or what else I’ll do—I’ll find a new audience each time, and still retain most of my current audience.

The trick then becomes less about creating demand for new books, and more about creating new books. I’m a fast writer. I strategically plan to release my books quickly because I’ve discovered the majority of fans won’t invest in a series until it’s complete. They don’t want to get burned by an author or publisher that never finishes a series. My books come out back-to-back without much wait time, which means I pull in more readers at a faster rate. If I have my next series ready to go immediately after, and promote it in the back of the final book in a series, I’m much more likely to get crossover audiences from it.

I also like to pick the first chapter from one of my previously published series to add into the back of a book to give fans a taste of what’s to come. I always go for the one that I think they’ll like most if they’ve already decided they like the series they are reading. This way, fans can get a free sample of another series without having to pay for it. And, if they like it, they frequently go over and pick up the other series as well.

While releasing a book a month isn’t sustainable for some writers, making the effort to release books as close together as possible is only going to improve your odds of reaching more fans, and selling more books. By treating each series as something wholly unique, without relying on past works to market it, authors are going to reach new fans that might not already be following them. Then, by cross-marketing in the backs of books, authors can encourage readers to check out their other series, whether or not the fans knew about them.

By marketing individually, cross-promoting internally, and releasing quickly, I’ve found an incredible following of fans and a reliable, ongoing source of income as an author. I highly recommend adopting as much of this as possible into your marketing plan and see how it works for you long term.

If you are marketing a book series (or more than one!), please tell us about it in the comments box below!


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