Who Do You Think You Are? By Kirsty Logan

You are a complex person, and there are nuances to your personality that cannot be summed up in a few brief adjectives. Does ‘mother of two’ encompass the highs and lows with your children, the love you feel for them, or the rollercoaster of conception, pregnancy and birth? Does ‘Christian’ explain the midnight questions you asked yourself and the balancing of faith with the realities of the world? Does ‘British’ suggest your patriotism, your political leanings, your secret love of rainy days? Of course not! People are more than just a list of traits; that’s why personal ads are so tricky to write. But you as a writer are not the same as you as a person.

I found it very difficult to apply for grants or to query magazines because every time I wrote about myself, I didn’t think it was an accurate representation of me. And it wasn’t! But it was as accurate as it needed to be for the job. I have been awarded several grants and prizes, and part of that was describing myself as ambitious, successful and prolific