Travel Stories Evolve Into Travel Guide By Jim Postell

Travel Stories Evolve Into Travel Guide By Jim Postell


Sitting at my computer I proudly smile at a book. That may seem unusual, but on the cover of that book – in bold, yellow, capital letters is my name. After four years of research/writing, countless queries/rejections from publishers, regular advice from Angela’s WritersWeekly, a surprisingly short contract negotiation, and a release date delayed for over a year, my book is out.

My travel guide covers eastern Australia and was initially intended as a lighthearted account of two newlyweds moving to Oz whose six month tour turned into six years of fascination. The book was initiated by an immediate love for Australia, its people, the food, and the amazing sights and sounds. I started writing emails back to friends and family describing our new “no worries” lifestyle. The tales (some a bit tall) began to attract a larger following with strangers requesting to be included in my distribution. As my readership continued to grow, I hosted a website to distribute our Aussie adventures and photos.

Since my former trade as a government consultant was not in demand on the Gold Coast of Queensland, I followed my dream to publish. My wife wholeheartedly supported me, became my official photographer, and gently suggested text changes to my travelogue.

I nearly exhausted my list of travel-related publishers when I received a note from Hastings House. They loved my style, but wanted a travel guide for Australia. A long-distance negotiation proved successful and the book was off and running. The difficulty was in streamlining my narrative to meet the editor