The Necessity of Networking By Nadia Ali

Remember the theme song from Cheers that talks about everybody knowing your name? I like to frequent places where I can network with fellow writers.

I keep an active eye and participate in a handful of these forums. They are vibrant places to be and I learned so much from just reading the posts and, once I gained enough confidence to start posting myself, was able to ask questions and get answers from fellow writers, and sometimes even editors!

The benefits of networking has paid off in many ways for me, enabling me to build self-esteem by posting questions – regardless how silly they may seem. I also post my successes and have found people with the same objectives as myself – to be published.

There are a number of writer’s forums, message boards and even sites dedicated to networking with fellow writers, all you need do is an Internet search and sign up.

There are nuggets of great advice, news on the hottest markets, beware boards, links and advice to help you get published, not to mention the countless chats that go on in various topic areas. Unlike newsletters where you have to wait and hope someone is going to write about the topic you are interested in, you can set the wheels in motion in a forum.

In this past year, I have learnt about new markets which I have submitted to and been published, and all of this is as a direct result of networking and hearing about markets that were not published in any of my numerous writers newsletters.

Networking is a necessity with priceless results.

Nadia Ali is a freelance writer of various genres. Her published credits include the Writing Kid, Cat Fancy, Institute of Children’s Literature, Wee Ones Magazine, Girl’s Life and International Living.