Raw Food Brings Writerly Success! By Michele L. Tune

Success comes about in the strangest of ways sometimes. Since I first started submitting my writings in 2005, I’ve racked my brain, trying to write the perfect query letter, and concocted outrageously-creative subject lines, hoping to capture the attention of anyone who might be on the other end of my e-mail, desperately trying to draw them in with my title and keep a hold of them until the end of my query. In my mind, once I stole their attention, they’d respond with that good news e-mail we all want to receive. That’s what we writers strive for, right? Right.

Remember your grandparents or parents – or even your mentor – saying “sometimes what you’re searching for is right in your own backyard?” It’s true! I’ve tried so hard, with everything in me, to succeed at this freelance life. I’ve gone the extra mile, busting my bohunkus to turn my work in not only by my deadline(s), but early. I’ve been kind, loyal, dedicated