Popping Popcorn in Kerosene and Other True Tales By Lula Thomas

I never would have thought I could make money from my writing. While I always enjoyed reading, and dreamed of being a multi-million dollar bestseller author (who doesn’t fantasize about this?), I had no serious expectation that I could put two words together to make a coherent thought, must less anything that someone would actually buy. Later, when I ventured feeble attempts at dipping my toe in the novel business and mailed off some of my fanciful fiction stories, all the rejection letters that arrived proved my earlier self-doubts.

For a few years, different people had encouraged me to try my hand at non-fiction. I thought they had to be joking. If I couldn’t even imagine anything good enough to get paid for, why should I believe anyone would pay some bucks to read of uneventful happenings in my dull life?

Still, folks prodded me, and still I resisted. Then while surfing the web one day in September 2007, I came across this little magazine that wanted true stories…of disasters that happened while cooking. I thought, ‘Well, there was this one time when I accidentally popped popcorn in kerosene