No Meat Pays By Nadia Ali

My daughter recently said she no longer eats meat, which meant there would be no more Sunday roasts or fast food burgers as part of her menu. It put me in quite a quandary. Not knowing what or how to cook without meat, I turned to the pages of vegetarian magazines, looking through recipes, articles and features. It turned out to be a real eye opener in the form of a new writing niche as I realized that between the covers of these magazines lay lots of opportunity for writing submissions.

An article about Indian vegetarian food caught my eye, which was placed in a column about destination food. As a travel writer, I knew about signature foods of places. In fact, as I reside in the Caribbean I decided to put together a piece on Caribbean vegetarian food, and submitted it to California based Whole Life Magazine with a sidebar applicable to Caribbean markets and shops in LA. The editor liked it and scheduled it for publication in the June/July issue together with photos of veggies taken by my daughter.

It inspired me to look more seriously at other “no meat” markets and to send out queries to magazines in the vegetarian niche. I presently have queries at Eating Well and Herb Companion.

So, although I still am not sure what to cook for my daughter to replace that Sunday roast, I am making money writing about it as I learn firsthand about the new realm of vegetarian cooking and its health benefits.

Nadia Ali is a freelance writer born in London, UK and now living in the Caribbean. Her writing credits include Chicken Soup, Feline Wellness and the Travel Channel. Her most recent clip reflects the healthy flavors of vegetarian cuisine introduced by her daughter who announced No Meat Please!

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