My Hobby of Profiling Street Musicians Turned Into a Paying Gig! by Marco Gallerani

My Hobby of Profiling Street Musicians Turned Into a Paying Gig! by Marco Gallerani

I am a journalism student and, like everyone who studies or works in the journalism field, I am driven by curiosity, by an innate instinct that pushes me into looking for new stories to write about. This instinct is not related to money and the final goal is not always success. Rather, this instinct helps me to like my profession, and makes my life more interesting.

Walking around the city while seeking inspiration I noticed a huge number of people who playing instruments on the trains of the city where I live, Barcelona, in Spain. Immediately, I felt that I needed to learn more about them. Some of them were astonishingly good at playing! Thus, I started interviewing every musician I came across and I realized how music had been so important in their lives. For some, drug addictions, abuses and much more brought about their love for music.

When I wrote the first profile on my blog, I felt I was truly helping them. I was telling their story, a story that nobody knows but, at the same time, needed to be told. At the time, I was doing it for free because it was my own blog. I wanted my posts to be more popular because everyone needed to know these extraordinary stories.

Surprisingly, I was contacted by an important Spanish magazine. When I understood why they got in touch with me I thought it was a joke. But, it wasn’t! They wanted me to start writing profiles of those musicians for their magazine. And, the best part is, they pay me $50 for each of them!


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Marco Gallerani was born in Italy where he studied the English language, as well as Spanish and French. He has always been attracted by journalism and in 2012 he moved to England where he started studying it. In 2015 he moved to Spain and he found a job in a Spanish magazine.

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One Response to "My Hobby of Profiling Street Musicians Turned Into a Paying Gig! by Marco Gallerani"

  1. Kathleen Krueger (@crafterofwords)  November 3, 2015 at 12:55 pm

    What a great story! Nothing better than writing what you want and then getting paid for it besides. A true testimony to the value of a writer’s blog.