My Book: A Necessary Part of Me By James P. Krehbiel

Several years ago I had some time on my hands. I was trapped in working in a mental health agency that was dysfunctional. I was merely one of many therapist’s trying to make a living – but I was unhappy. The overall business environment was struggling and I was a part of it.

Since I was a part-time provider, I began to think of ways that I could manage my time between patients. I remembered that my uncle Eddie had written a manuscript, but never had it published. I recall my parents talking about “the dream that never materialized.”

I always loved to write, and as long as I can recall (like Eddie) I had a desire to write a book. I felt that it was a “calling”, a passion, and a part of my legacy to accomplish the publication of a book.

So, in those lonely moments in my office that I despised, I started writing. This was a journey of self-discovery. I wrote about the nature of what I do best – helping people manage their problems. Not only did I write about others’ problems, I chose to write about my own. I felt that it was only fair that my patients and readers knew the “real me.”

My writing was a pilgrimage that took me through the wilderness of human suffering and healing. I tapped into the resources of my clinical expertise, and wrote about how life looked for those who struggled and confronted everyday challenges. I wrote about the courage, the risk, and the passion that is necessary for personal growth and development to occur.

Redeeming my time was important to me. I began to build confidence in my writing and sensed the emergence of a manuscript. I put the finishing touches on my work and submitted it for publication. Rather than endure the long wait for a traditional publisher, I decided to self-publish through

I am grateful that I did not wait. The rewards of self-publishing have been worth it. Many now know the story of who I am as a therapist and some of the issues that I have overcome in my struggles with life. I am so thankful that this aspect of my legacy is now complete. Stepping Out of the Bubble: Reflections on the Pilgrimage of Counseling Therapy is finally a reality.

I am now self-employed as a private practice counselor in a new office and I have never looked back. I continue to write frequently. I am pleased that I had the time during a gloomy season in my life to finish a necessary part of my personal and professional history.

James P. Krehbiel is an author, a contributing writer for and a therapist practicing in Scottsdale, Arizona. He can be reached through his website at