Marketing My POD Book, The Second Great Depression – 3000 Copies Sold! By Warren Brussee

Print on demand (POD) books rarely appear in bookstores, so sales usually must come through websites. But how do you get people to notice your book among the other 5,999,999 books listed on

I felt that if I got some of The Second Great Depression out to people who were worried about the economy, that these books would act as seeds and generate additional sales. To get the initial books out there, I paid $1,000 to Amazon to advertise my book for a month with a leading book on the economy. With this marketing approach, Amazon offered both books for 5% off, and showed my book with the other book on the web pages of both books in their store. I sold about 100 books. I knew that this wouldn’t pay for the marketing, but I needed to seed the market.

After this initial advertisement, my book settled in at one or two sales per week. After several months, a popular weekly web cast on the economy asked to interview me. This momentarily took my sales up to a rating of 200 on Amazon. Book sales then settled down to about 80 per month.

About a year ago, Amazon offered authors an opportunity to run a blog on their own Amazon page where, anytime an author wished, he/she could send a message to his/her readers. I started updating my book’s outlook on the economy every month, and I now have a following of several hundred blog readers. This keeps their interest in the book current. This blog is also viewable by people who have not purchased the book, and has been quoted and referenced by other blogs. Sales of my print on demand book now average 120 per month, and I expect this to rise sharply as the economy slows (which I forecast in my book).

I had previously published several books with a major publisher. However, since I was not an economist, that publisher had no interest in this book. A small publisher may have been interested, but that gave me few advantages over self publishing. My royalties would have been much smaller and the time involved in getting it published would have been much longer. I have sold over 3,000 copies of The Second Great Depression, and my experience self publishing with has been very positive.

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Warren Brussee spent 33 years at GE as an engineer, plant manager, and engineering manager. He earned his engineering degree at Cleveland State University and attended Kent State towards his EMBA. The author has written three other books, Statistics for SIX SIGMA Made Easy, All About Six Sigma, and Laoch the Guide Dog Puppy.