Jump Start Your Writing Career With This Little Secret By Sheron Donahue

I devoured every page of my favorite magazine – the one I dreamed of seeing my byline in. Since divorcing and entering a new, sizzling relationship, even the Dear Amy column intrigued me.

A reader asked, “How can I get my boyfriend to stop kissing me in public?”

The answer I read would change my writing career.

“Tell your lover to squash his affection in public.” First shocked, then hopping mad, I dashed off a rebuttal letter

Shortly afterward, the postman delivered a letter from the editor suggesting I might like to turn my thoughts into an article. Might? Darn tootin’ I might! The editor wrote specific instructions, which I followed to the minutest detail. Then, I shot the article back.

Soon, I received the words we all long to hear: Your article, Public Passion, has been accepted for publication. Energized, I wrote a second article in honor of my parents