If Other Writers Can Sell Their Work, So Can You! By Danielle Westvang

When you decided that you wanted to become a professional writer, did you visualize yourself at book signings or working for large publishing companies? Some may dream of writing a best seller, or perhaps even being published by a top magazine. My dream has always been to have my own column in a magazine or newspaper.

I had one major roadblock in my plans, I didn’t pursue paying markets! I would rather give my writing away, fearing editors telling me that they didn’t want to pay me for my work. I know, I know, writers should be paid for their work!

My confidence grew as I began reading the success stories published in WritersWeekly.com. If other writers could sell their work, so could I. I decided that if I was ever going to be taken seriously as a writer, I needed to submit queries to publishers that not only would recognize my talent but also respect me enough to pay me. I also started understanding that magazines and newspapers are ultimately making money off the content in their publications, so they should absolutely pay writers for that content!

Three months ago, I submitted an article to a homesteading magazine. The article was accepted and printed and I received a check for my work. Yes, it was that simple. The publisher contacted me shortly after my first article was published, and asked me if I would consider writing for his second magazine, too.

The publisher was upfront about paying me. He provided me with terms that were better than I could have imagined. He also put it in writing that if I work on projects that were more research intensive, my pay would reflect the additional work.

I currently write feature columns in two successful agriculture magazines. I have been given opportunities to advance my position within the publishing company in the coming year. I am writing about subjects that interest me, I have an editor that respects my work and pays me for it. How could it get any better?

Seeking only paying opportunities has presented me with two more writing projects that I would not have received otherwise. I also have more confidence to send queries to other magazines and newspapers.

Thank you WritersWeekly.com for giving me the push in the direction I needed to go. I couldn’t have done it without your encouragement!

Danielle Westvang resides in the heart of the Ozark mountains where she raises Missouri Foxtrotter horses and a small herd of dairy and meat goats. Danielle has published several articles in agricultural publications, and currently is a columnist for Homesteader’s Connection and Goat Biz Magazine. Her future plans include writing a book on Kinder Goats with the founder of the breed, as well as writing materials for beginning small scale farmers.