My Greeting Card Writing Led to an Entirely Unexpected Gig! – By Nadia Ali

My Greeting Card Writing Led to an Entirely Unexpected Gig! – By Nadia Ali

I was once a greeting card writer. It suited my learning writing curve at the time, short and sweet with a touch of funny. My creativity developed into a skill and soon I was published both online and in print by various greeting card companies. My success even led to being interviewed and I began writing about the process of how to write greeting cards. These articles found a home across various websites, and even in the pages of Writers Market.

My departure from greeting cards led me on another path – one of becoming an author of a picture book, and a contributor to several other books.

But, I have always thought of my experience in the greeting card market as a special one that taught me the importance of selecting the right words in a very compact niche.

Nowadays, I receive infrequent emails from writers asking for advice about how to break into the greeting card market, which I am able to answer effectively. But, just recently, I received an email from the head of content of a very popular online greeting card company. I read it with keen interest. It asked if I could present a webinar to their writers to motivate their creative process in creating funny cards.

I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I recognized the company name in an instant, but was the email request real? I Googled the head of content name – it checked out, together with the email contact. Suddenly, the request was real!

The first thing that came to mind was – could I present a webinar? My love for writing greeting cards had not diminished. In fact, I still had that love for the creative process and believed I could put an edu-taining webinar together.

But, I felt it fair to reiterate that I had been away from this market for a while. The response was, “Yes we know, but we believe you can assist our writers.” A phone call was scheduled to go over the details. We discussed an outline of what they wanted, who the intended audience was, when and at what time the webinar would take place…and, of course, the pay.

The more we spoke, the more I could hear the passion in my own words for this niche market. My adrenaline was pumping and I could visualize my presentation. I was amazed at how my greeting card articles that remained online were still motivating and inspiring readers.


Nadia Ali is an author and freelance writer. Her greeting cards have been published online and in print. Her writing credits include Oatmeal Studios, Smart Alex, Kalan LP and High Cotton. She is looking forward to the webinar and to getting back into a niche that somehow got left behind. You can contact her at: Twitter: @NadiaAwriter


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One Response to "My Greeting Card Writing Led to an Entirely Unexpected Gig! – By Nadia Ali"

  1. pamelaallegretto  May 8, 2018 at 5:09 pm

    Such an interesting article. I admire greeting card writers. It’s not easy to say a lot in a few words. Most novel writers know that it’s easier to write an entire novel that to write a one or two sentence blurb that describes a 90,000 word book.