Go Take A Running Jump! By Nadia Ali

Although I have been freelancing for a while and tackled a few high paying markets, I still find myself looking at the medium paying markets to chase after.

Recently, as I scanned through my market lists, a gig caught my eye. It was a travel writing gig, but then when I saw the pay it said $300.00. It suddenly threw me!

Instead of being excited at the prospect of landing the job, I shied away. What if my writing wasn´t up to par? What if I send a pitch and it gets, it gets…rejected?!

I sat, pondering the thought. Then, in a burst of go-get-em, I took a running jump, leaping at my keyboard, I wrote a query, threw in some published clips, told them just how well-suited I was and even gave them a brief outline. I hit send! HAH!!

Time passed.

A positive response from the editor arrived. As I read it, beads of sweat trickled down my forehead…did she just say in a WEEK?! High-end demographic – huh? Readers who already feel they are experts?

Pressure set in; there was research to do, people to contact. To quote Willy Wonka, “So much time, and so little to do! Strike that, reverse it.”

The deadline arrived, the piece was delivered.

Hours passed. Days passed. An email came, “Great. Can I please have your complete contact information?”

Needless to say, those few words had me elated. I DID IT!

Contact information was sent, an invoice was beamed to her, contracts were signed, and now I wait for the piece to be published this month.

So, next time you scan through your market lists, go take a running jump! You might just end up with an admirable, published clip in a high-end publication with a stash of cash in your hand.

Nadia Ali (nadiafreelancewriter – at – yahoo.com) is a freelance writer of various genres. Despite her lack of confidence, she still has some worthy publishing credits to her name such as Wcities, Time Out London, Cat Fancy, Chicken Soup and even WritersWeekly!