From Book Reviewer to Feature Writer in One Year By Kathleen M. Krueger

In May of 2012, my first feature cover story in a print magazine was published. It seemed almost surreal to see that magazine cover and realize that people would be turning the pages to read what I had to say about the stunning young entertainment star on the glossy cover. It all began with replying to an ad for departmental writers for HerLife Magazine, back in the spring of 2011.

After applying for the position, I was asked if I’d be interested in writing book reviews for the magazine. They gave me my first assignment and I became an official “contributing writer” to HerLife Magazine.

As one of their contributing writers, I was soon given the option of suggesting and writing other departmental articles in addition to my book reviews. All of a sudden, I was writing health articles, travel articles and home-related articles, too.

HerLife Magazine is a regionally syndicated magazine. That means that the HerLife Magazine for Kansas City has local stories, as does HerLife Magazine for Milwaukee, New York, etc. Local article assignments would require interviews of individuals in the magazine’s reader area. My editor encouraged me to make myself available for these articles as well. Soon, instead of having an occasional book review in print, I sometimes had two to three articles in the Kansas City HerLife Magazine.

When the South Florida HerLife Magazine found themselves in need of a feature writer that would write the cover story and their other feature stories, my editor in Kansas City suggested me for the position (even though I live in Minnesota).

It’s been a fast and exciting climb up ladder. Now I average about five articles a month for HerLife Magazine and have also started writing for their 50+ publication, Prime. Don’t overlook the small doors that open before you. One of them may lead up a stairway to bigger and better things.

Kathleen Krueger is a full time freelance writer and poet from Brainerd, Minnesota. Her intuitive, feelings-based personality strongly influences her creative writing, but is especially evident in her poetry, her first love, when it comes to crafting with words. She is a regular contributor to HerLife Magazine, among other print and online publications and may be contacted through her website at


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