Freelance Freedom By Kathleen Krueger

Friday, February 11th, 2011 was marked on my calendar as my first official day as a full-time freelance writer. No other job to go to. Just my words to bring in the paycheck.

Prior to that, I dabbled in the online writing world for about a year, I decided to see if I could make more than pennies through my writing. I had a good paying job already, so I could take my time and explore the different options available.

The jobs didn’t come pouring in, but little by little, I began winning contracts for an article here and there, and getting positive feedback. In December, two things happened. First, my hours at my office job got cut back to three days a week.The second was doing a group of articles for a new client. He liked my writing style and asked if I’d be willing to write more for him. Of course, I would!

That same month, I got my first article accepted by a local woman’s magazine. The next month, I bid on some blog articles for two different businesses, and both gave me monthly contracts. I was moving forward.

It was just after receiving these two monthly contracts that my client contacted me again, and asked if I could possibly handle more than the 20 articles a month I had been providing. He had enough work to keep me busy full-time. It wasn’t hard to make the decision. I gave my two-week notice at my office job the next day.

Now, I’m in the process of learning how to discipline my time at home so that I can meet my deadlines and keep generating new work leads while not working 24/7 on my laptop. I’m enjoying every minute of it!

Kathleen Krueger is a freelance writer and poet who lives in Brainerd, Minnesota. Her tagline, ‘Crafter of Words’, covers her love and use of the language arts in its various forms, both verbally and written. Her clients are attracted by her creative, casual style, and her ability to write on a variety of subject matters. You may visit her website at to find out more about Kathleen.


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