Don’t Wait Until Tomorrow By Doris J. Niemann

When I first decided to become a freelance writer, I could make up endless excuses to postpone putting on paper the volumes of story ideas that were stacked up in my mind. I had many ideas and memories waiting to be transformed into printed words, and sent for submission to the editors of eligible magazines, but it was difficult for me to express myself. Also, my organizing skills and writing time schedules were non-conforming and unpredictable until a few years ago.

It was then I had one of those “ah-ha” moments, and remembered a motivational tool that a teacher in middle school had given me. It was simply a laminated, round piece of cardboard, about two inches in diameter, with the four letter word “Tuit” printed on it.

“There’s no beginning or end when one’s lifestyle becomes involved with a round Tuit like the one I just gave you,” Mr. Welty stated. “As a matter of fact, the Tuit is really a devious persuader that revolves and rotates clockwise or otherwise, and, with no end in sight, is therefore incapable of expanding outside its curved perimeter. It’s like snatching a dangling strap hanging from the bridle of a carnival horse on a carrousel. After slipping your shoe in one of the stirrups, and mounting the steed, you continue to circle around and around in rhythm to the music.”

His definition seemed pretty heavy to me at the time, and his lengthy explanation about the benefits of not falling into its spell of procrastination didn’t hit home at the time. However, now I’ve got the gist of getting “a round to it”, and I have one framed and hung on the wall above my computer. I’m convinced that circular card of wisdom has improved my writing by helping me to make the best of my time and with an orderly routine.

Is a round Tuit the trigger you need in order to become a better writer? Now this awesome circle is available on the internet. Just Google “Tuit, and you can see, read more about, and print one at Also, I found other websites that sell round Tuit key chains, coffee mugs with Tuit logo reminders, etc. or make your own and hang it nearby.

Whenever a “if I get around to it” thought enters your mind, I hope you will curb the urge, think of your round Tuit, and just do it!

Doris J. Niemann is a freelance writer who lives in Dubuque, Iowa. She was born in Chicago, attended Coe College, and studied at the Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University before marriage and family. Since retirement, she has been able to concentrate on writing full time. Many of her essays and poems have been published in Julien’s Journal, a Dubuque monthly magazine. A few of her essays have been published nationwide in newspapers and trade magazines. Doris is currently in the process of compiling a book-length memoir of life experiences raising her “husband” and their three kids. Her favorite phrase is “Life is Good”.


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