Don’t Be Afraid to Ask By Jill Pertler

As a home-based writer, I spend my days in a one-person office filled with thousands of potential co-workers.

This week, I met up with two and, through some simple communication and cooperation, we all managed to work to benefit each other.

Both writers initially contacted me regarding a book I’d written, but I’ve made other contacts through online writing forums and social networking sites. Information, resources, wisdom – not to mention co-workers – abound online.

The first writer and I got to chatting (via email) and found that we had common backgrounds in marketing. She asked me to take a look at her upcoming book and, if I felt it worthy, to provide her with a written endorsement. I said I’d take a look. (Unsolicited advice: never promise an endorsement, only promise to take a look.)

The book had plenty of gems of information and I found no trouble providing the endorsement. She plans to include it, along with the name of my book, in her promotional materials.

Because of our similar marketing backgrounds, I asked her if she might like to review a couple of marketing-related chapters from my book. She did and wrote me a favorable review for two well-known online bookstores.

Writer number two and I share a common interest in writing syndicated newspaper columns. He mentioned that he was reading my book and gleaning quite a bit of knowledge from it. Since he’d opened the door to my book, I asked him if he’d consider giving it a review online at those same two well-known bookstores. His answer? Of course!

I took a look at a couple of his columns and enjoyed them immensely, so I posted a link to his website on my Facebook and Twitter pages. He returned the favor by becoming a fan and follower of my pages.

And so it goes. Some days, I feel pretty alone in my (literally) corner of the living room, with my back to the world and face toward the computer screen. But I’m not alone. And forging relationships with other writers online serves to increase my knowledge, further my career and cultivate friendships.

I always say: you can never have too many friends.

When not cultivating and consorting with co-workers from other states, Jill Pertler is the author of the successful syndicated column, “Slices of Life.” It currently appears in 80 newspapers in the upper Midwest. Her book on the subject, The Do-It-Yourselfer’s Guide to Self-Syndication is now available online through, Barnes and Noble and Visit her website at: Facebook: Slices of Life or Twitter Jillpertler.


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