Does This Sound Like Me? By Donna J. Howard

My first writing disaster occurred in high school. Because my favorite things to do were reading and writing, I took Academic English my freshman year. When we were assigned to write a fictional story, I was delighted. I decided to write one like the ones I loved to read, with mystery and intrigue. I spent hours researching old castles in faraway places. I wrote about a young boy and girl lost in one of those old musty castles and how they found their way out. I proudly handed it in. It came back sporting a huge, black “C.” I asked my teacher why. She said “It doesn’t sound like you.” I was crushed, and put writing aside.

After high school, I worked in an elementary school library. I loved reading stories to the children, and helping them choose books to suit their interests and reading level. I thought perhaps I could write a children’s book.

One day, I was intrigued by a card stuck in a magazine I was reading. An advertisement for a correspondence writing class. One of the correspondence courses was titled “Writing for Children and Teenagers.” With trepidation, I enrolled. I enjoyed doing each of them. I received positive feedback, along with critiques on each lesson. But, my work in one particular lesson brought the most praise from my instructor. Writing devotions. She liked how I could see spiritual lessons in everyday happenings. She asked if I would be interested in writing more of them. I was and I did. To date, I have published (with God’s help) nearly 200 devotions. I guess they must sound like me.

If one editor does not like your work try another one. They probably will. Don’t give up.

Donna Howard lives in Orfordville, Wisconsin. Her work has appeared in: “My Devotions”, “Penned from the Heart” (five years), “Victory Herald”, “Daily Devotions for the Deaf”, “The Secret Place”, “Believer Life”, “Love is A Verb” (anthology), “God Still Meets Needs” (anthology), and in her church newsletter. She published a short story in “Taj Mahal Review”, and several children’s stories in “Long Story Short E-zine.”