Dedication and Determination Go a Long Way By Victoria Heckstall

Being seven months pregnant and in a new city without a job is not a good combination. I went about learning this the hard way when I was pregnant with my second son. I had applied for numerous jobs, then one day while searching for a job online I ran across a work at home mom forum and the light bulb in my head immediately went off.

I started off working at some of the popular content mills yet I was determined that I did not want to work fifty plus hours a week for too much longer. So, I found more forums of similar niches and starting building my private client database and even checked out some bidding sites that the experienced writers had marked off their lists because they felt they were a waste of time. Basically, I took bits and pieces of the information that was provided to me by those who were considered to be experienced and turned it into something unique that worked for me.

Doing all of these things while also marketing myself via social media and starting my own blog allowed me to reach my monthly goal in just two months. I went from making four hundred a month to over a thousand a month, and over time I have even seen as much as six thousand a month. All of this income came in from working online without me having to invest a dime.

Now after working from home online for two years I can finally say that I never have to hurt for work. I also have been able to branch out into some other fields outside of freelance writing such as affiliate marketing and I am even working on my first eBook which I expect to be able to release in February.

My journey to success is nowhere near its end yet I know that it is going to be a fun ride along the way. It is very true that dedication and determination goes a long way.

Victoria Heckstall is a college student in her last year and works from home full time while taking care of her three boys who are all under the age of 4. She is also the owner and creator of both Giveaways 4 Mom and Young Work At Home Moms. She started her online career back in 2011 and she plans to continue working online even after she has received her degree.


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