Cover Girl By Joei Carlton Hossack

A year ago I purchased a new digital camera. I needed it – not because I’m a travel writer and travel writers need pictures to go along with the stories but because someone or something hacked into my website and destroyed it. I needed pictures of me so my computer guru could build another site. He did a fabulous job so I put the camera away to collect dust.

I did pull out and use the Canon PowerShot A560 from time to time because I felt guilty about paying $170.00 (on sale) for something I used once – actually twice – I didn’t like the first lot of pictures of me. The guilt didn’t last long and I consoled myself with the fact that I’m not really a picture-taker.

I took the camera with me to California where it had a whole new resting-place. One day, just for something to do, I wandered around the beautiful campground in Hemet, California where I was parked for the month and clicked a picture here and a picture there, one around the swimming pool, another one of a palm tree looking from the ground up and one of a canary yellow Volkswagen with big eyes and a red tongue painted on the trunk.

I took the camera with me when I drove to Temecula to wander the town with my sister, who drove 35 miles north from Oceanside while I drove 35 miles south from Hemet so we could meet in the middle.

I snapped pictures of the Olive Oil store, of a metal bull in front of the Jerky Store and of flowers cradled in a old wheel barrel nesting by the side of the road on Main Street. I took enough pictures to go along with the story I planned on writing. When the story was done, I emailed the editor of the RV Times Magazine, who said “yes” to story and pictures.

“Do you have any pictures with RV’s (recreational vehicles) in them?” the editor asked.

I emailed a few of the pictures that I had taken in the campground. My story “Temecula, California” will be published in their November/December issue AND one of my pictures will be the COVER of the magazine. I’ll have that issue framed.

Tonight I start my digital camera classes. I really need to know what I did right!!!

Joei Carlton Hossack is the author of seven adventure-travel books, an entertaining and inspirational speaker and a Memoir and Travel Writing teacher. She contributes regularly to anthologies, magazines,and e-zines and her Letters to the Editor in the local newspapers have become legendary. (No money there but it keeps her blood pressure from exploding.) Her website is or she can be reached at JoeiCarlton – at – or JoeiCarlton – at –