Christian Authors Guild Publishes 2nd Collaborative Book

In 2003, the Cherokee Christian Writers Group wrote and published Stepping Stones Across the Stream of Time, a collection of memoirs from the members. The purpose of the print on demand (POD) project was to not only produce inspiring and entertaining stories, but to also give new authors a chance to see their work in print. The press coverage given to their book was responsible for bringing a number of new writers into the group. The initial run of 350 books was sold out within two weeks, not only making the project self-supporting, but also adding to the organization’s charity fund.

In 2004, the group was renamed the Christian Authors Guild (CAG) to reflect the growing membership and coverage area. The Guild unanimously voted to continue their highly successful program by publishing their latest book, The Desk In the Attic, 36 short fiction stories by 22 authors.

Many of the Guild’s writers had already published magazine articles, non-fiction books, newspaper columns, plays, songs and poetry, but only a few had tried their hand at fiction. Stepping out on faith, the contributing authors sat down at their keyboards and created an exciting 292-page volume of original tales of mystery, humor, romance, and adventure.

The galley proof from POD publisher () sparked an enthusiastic celebration when unveiled at the monthly meeting. The cover photo is of a roll-top desk, a much-used manual typewriter, and a floor cluttered with pages that didn’t make it to the manuscript on the blotter.

Not only will booklovers find hours of enjoyable reading between the covers, but its authors have discovered a whole new world of creativity by exploring a different type of writing.

Guild President, R.T. Byrum, a published author of radio-TV commercials, scripts, articles, and young adult novels, reports that the membership has enthusiastically decided to begin work on the group’s 2005 volume, which will feature life-changing Christian testimonial stories.

“Our goal is to eventually include works by every writer in our group in one or more of our annual volumes. Having been pushed to expand their horizons, many of our members have now had other stories and articles accepted for publishing. Sometimes it’s not that the well is dry, it’s only that the pump needs to be primed,” said Byrum.

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