A Wise Woman Learns From Others by Joei Carlton Hossack

I am a wise woman. It is not because I have all the answers that I consider myself wise. It is because I prefer learning from others than making all my own mistakes. I developed my philosophy from an accountant I knew when I opened my first business. She said, “People will tell you that everything you do for your business is tax deductible. They are right. It is tax deductible but it is deductible from YOUR PROFITS.” She was a wise woman and I have conducted several successful businesses with those words echoing in my brain.

Because of her words, when it comes to my writing/publishing/promotion business I am a cheapskate and very proud of it. She is the reason I am out flogging six personal adventure travel books and making money at it…perhaps not a fortune but certainly paying all the expenses with enough money left over for the printing and binding of the next book. Remember it is with the backlog of your books where you make your money, not the newest or latest edition. I never do a book signing, lecture or reading that I don’t have all my books with me.

  1. I never send out books to unknown reviewers for promotion or for blurbs. I have enough writer friends who read my books who are delighted to accommodate me with a sentence or two and they are thrilled to see their name on the back cover of my book. I, of course, do the same for them.
  2. I never advertise. Advertising expenses alone will kill any small business getting started. In its place I have developed a killer press release that I send to the newspapers, magazines, radio and television programs. It starts with