A Dream Come True By Penny A. Zeller

“Please get your shoes on, Girlies. Mommy has a mail drop to make before 5:00!” I help my two small daughters put on their tennis shoes, grab my stack of manila envelopes, and head out the door.

Times like these happen frequently, as I load my little ones into our SUV and head to the post office or Fed Ex office to mail something that must be there by deadline. My girls know the routine and enjoy hearing a newly made-up children’s story, as I drive to our 15-minute destination.

In November 2000, I quit my government job to stay home with my oldest daughter. In January 2001, I sent out my first query letter and began to live the dream I have had since I was seven years old – to be a writer.

I still have my first acceptance, where the editor scribbled those words every writer longs to see on my query letter. It is among my most valuable treasures. Although I am thrilled whenever I see any of my articles in a publication, the acceptances by Brio and Woman’s World literally caused me to break out in an “acceptance dance” right by the mailbox for the entire neighborhood to see!

Today, I juggle my life as a wife, mother, and full-time freelance writer. I write for a variety of national and regional magazines. Perhaps the accomplishments I am most proud of are the publication of my first children’s book, Hollyhocks, in December 2004 and the contract I signed with a traditional publisher for my first nonfiction book due to be released in December 2005.

I’ll be the first to admit that the writing life isn’t easy; however, through continued hard work and perseverance, the career I have chosen is a dream come true.

Penny Zeller’s publishing credits include Brio, Woman’s World, ePregnancy (print version), Hopscotch, Grit, and Teenage Christian Magazine. Penny’s heartwarming children’s picture book, Hollyhocks, was recently published by Booklocker.com. For a fun e-newsletter with suggestions for reading material to read to little ones and links to websites just for kids, visit Penny’s website at https://www.pennyzeller.com.