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If you have an ongoing need for freelancers (more than one individual), and if you pay freelancers a respectable wage for their work, we’d love to feature your company in!

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Each week at WritersWeekly, we publish paying market listings for publications and businesses that hire freelance writers, bloggers, editors, photographers, and other creative professionals on an ongoing basis. These include magazines, newspapers, blogs, websites, publishing firms, and others. Each listing must offer a respectable wage. These are freelance, telecommuting opportunities only. We do not feature in-house positions.

Your listing will remain on the site until you ask us to remove it. We will contact you annually to ask for an update.

NOTE: We reserve the right to remove any listing, at any time, for any reason. We also reserve the right to refuse to list a market/job listing for any reason. The most common refusal is for low (insulting) pay.

There is NO CHARGE TO YOU WHATSOEVER for us to feature your listing because paying market listings are the most valuable resource we provide for our readers. Please complete the following form as soon as possible so we can start sending freelancers your way. We will use your answers to create your unique listing and we will send it to you for approval prior to publication.

We’re also happy to share info. on how our readers can subscribe to your website/publication (if applicable), or how they can obtain more information about your services so be sure to include details about that as well.

To show our appreciation, you will receive one-year complimentary subscription to The Write Markets Report. All paying markets appear in The Write Markets Report first! You are not required to accept this subscription, of course.

Please note you can update or remove your listing at any time.

CONTACT ANGELA if you have any questions.