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“WineMaker, launched in 1998, covers the full gamut of the winemaking hobby, from beginners to experts, from wine kits to fresh grapes, and is published bi-monthly. Every issue includes expert advice and techniques, award-winning recipes and how-to projects to help you make great wine. Regular columns include troubleshooting common problems with the Wine Wizard, learning special techniques and tips on making a specific style of wine in Varietal Focus, refining your winemaking with Techniques, building gadgets in Projects, growing your own grapes in Backyard Vines and hearing tips, and stories and recipes from fellow home winemakers in Cellar Dwellers. WineMaker gives you practical, well-researched information in a fun format for all home winemakers – whether you use kits, concentrates, juices, non-grape fruits or fresh grapes.” Welcomes new writers. 85% freelance. Pays on publication. Publishes ms 3-6 months after acceptance. Buys all NA rights.

PAYS: $75-$300

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Queries. See guidelines. Submit query by email. Pays $75-$300/article.

Pays $75-$300/article


“Art accepted, must include permission from artist/photographer. Payment varies.”


“Most common mistake we see is queries for wine appreciation, wine travel or general wine information stories. We are very specifically focused on how to make wine at home, and only accept stories with information pertaining to the hobby of home winemaking – i.e.: techniques, recipes, varietals to try, practical advice from commercial winemakers, etc.”

Welcomes New Writers: Yes