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Transport Topics Publishing Group
950 N. Glebe Road, Suite 210
Arlington VA 22203


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About The Publication:

“Transport Topics is the weekly newspaper of trucking and freight transportation. Our other publications include Equipment & Maintenance Update, iTECH and Light & Medium Truck.” 10% freelance. Welcomes new writers. Circ. 25K. Weekly. Pays on publication. Publishing time of ms varies. Buys all rights. Accepts reprints. Responds one week. Sample copy available online. Subscription $109. Guidelines available by email. Pays $0.75/word for 800-2000 words.

Current Needs:

“We are always looking for talented writers, especially for feature packages.” Submit resume and writing samples by email.

Pays $0.75/word for 800-2000 words.


“Freelances are asked to obtain photos from the sources they are interviewing as part of the process.”


“Other than free op-eds, we do not consider stories until a contract is signed. Once signed, however, many opportunities for enterprise stories are available.”

Welcomes New Writers: Yes