The Writer’s Arena

The Writer’s Arena
49 West 71st Street, Apt #1
New York NY 10023


Editor: Tony Southcotte – Submissions Editor
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About The Publication:

“Every week two authors will receive the same writing prompt from the arena. One author, a challenger, will come from you, the audience. The other author will be a member of the arena. Those authors will then have ten days to write a story that meets the parameters as outlined by the writing prompt. Ten days after the prompt is published, the stories will be published for all to enjoy. Over the next few days the stories will also be judged. Two judges have already been chosen and will each pick one story, awarding it one point. The third judge is you, the audience. In the comments section we encourage you to engage in discussion about the stories and to state which one you chose as your favorite. We’ll tally up those votes and weight them with the decision of the judges and declare a winner.“ 100% freelance. Welcomes new writers. Publishers two stories every week for four weeks, then one week off. Pays after publication. Publish ms after about a week after acceptance. Buys all rights. No reprints. Responds within 3-9 months. Sample copy available online at .

Current Needs:

“Applications to compete in the arena.” Pays flat fee $20 per story. Submit query at and email us with the info asked for there.

Pays flat fee $20 per story.




Welcomes New Writers: Yes