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Editor: Ms. Prarthana Jayaram, Editor.
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About The Publication:

“Independent Restaurateur is designed and written exclusively for the independent restaurant owner. Our editorial style is crisp and relevant. Each issue highlights the originality and exceptional qualities of peer restaurants, restaurateurs or chefs worthy of national attention, plus includes useful news and ideas on topics like food and beverage, equipment and technology, staff training and service, menus and recipes, industry and consumer trends, food safety, and marketing.” Welcomes new writers. 30%-50% freelance. Circ. 2K. Monthly. Pays on acceptance. Publishes ms 1-2 months after acceptance. Buys all rights. No reprints. Responds 2-4 days. Sample copy available online. Subscription free to independent restaurants.

Current Needs:

“Experienced writers with good ideas and a passion for the industry and/or food and drink. Individuals with connections/experience in the restaurant industry who will be able to snag good interviews or have expertise they can lend to writing informative articles for our readership. Please email the editor, Prarthana Jayaram, at with a short paragraph reflecting your interest in our publication (and how you found out about us) with an attachment or links to a few relevant writing samples.”

Pays $50 for 600-800 words.


“Writers are required to request (or take themselves) photos and signature recipes from any restaurateurs interviewed or find/create photos or artwork to accompany the story. This is not optional — we cannot publish stories without photos. We do not hire independent photographers. Writers are responsible for requesting photos (this is not as intimidating as it may sound — most PR agencies that restaurants work with are more than willing to send photos — it’s free publicity for them).”


“While we always love it when writers pitch their own ideas, please don’t let a lack of story ideas stop you from getting in touch with iR. I often have story ideas and contacts sitting in the wings, waiting for a writer. Also, do your research and make sure that if you are going to write a story about a restaurant, it is an independent and not a chain and the angle you are taking is not something we have already covered recently.”

Welcomes New Writers: Yes