Seeking funny and/or disturbing online dating stories! PAYS $20 + a copy of the final printed book

Have you tried online dating? Did you have an unusually funny or disturbing experience? Author Mary Everist did! A simple Google search revealed that she dated twice after meeting online was wanted by authorities in another state. She turned him in, and he was arrested before dinnertime that day. Only then did she realize the web of lies he’d created. He lied about his job as a CEO of a major company, and his wife dying tragically, and more!

Another man she agreed to meet wiggled his fingers wildly and kept proclaiming “And all that jazz!” throughout the entire first date. Needless to say, that was their only date!

After romancing a woman online for some time, one of Mary’s male friends finally had that first date, and discovered his paramour was 6 months pregnant. Another one of Mary’s male friends had a woman on a dating site ask for his sperm, and nothing else.

Have you had a funny or disturbing online dating experience? If so, we’d love to read it!

If you’d like your story to be considered for this new book, please send a short description of your experience to:

She will let you know if your story will work for the book, and will then send additional details about the project, as well as instructions for submitting the final, full story. Payment for accepted stories will be made via PayPal.