Out West

Out West
c/o D&B Supply

Website: http://www.dbsupply.com
Guidelines: http://www.workerswritejournal.com

Editor: Armando Roggio, Director of Marketing
Email address: aroggio@dbsupply.com

About The Publication:

“D&B Supply, a farm and ranch retail chain with stores in Idaho and Oregon, will launch a digital magazine this year as part of its content marketing efforts. This magazine, Out West, is meant to share friendly advice, useful insights, and engaging stories with folks who have a connection to the land, a love for their animals, and a penchant for hard work. Our aim is to enrich our readers’ lives. Our audience will primarily be located in the West or more specifically the Northwest. We need two categories of freelance writers on an on-going basis.” See current needs below. Pays on acceptance. Buys First North American Serial Rights for articles, poems and jokes. No reprint. Responds 10 days.

Current Needs:

“We are looking for several freelance journalists (writers) to create long-form articles on assignment or from accepted pitches. The articles you write should be on par with those found in respected national publications like Modern Farmer, Sunset, Cowboys & Indians, Mother Earth News, and similar. For our articles, you should do quality research, be thoughtful, and write engaging, flawless prose. To be considered for featured articles, please email with your writing resume as a PDF, links to two or three of your published articles, your rate for a high-quality magazine article, and an article idea (pitch) based on one of these themes: agricultural heritage, summertime adventures in the West, or grilling. For articles, we would like to negotiate a rate before assignment or acceptance.
POETS – We are also looking for original, new poetry that fits our editorial mission. See section above about what Out West is meant to share. We will pay between $50 and $150 for First North American Serial Rights for accepted poems. JOKE WRITERS – We are looking for clean, original jokes and anecdotes. We will pay $25 for First North American Serial Rights for accepted jokes and anecdotes.”

Pays negotiable rate for articles. Pays between $50 and $150 for poems. $25 for jokes.



Welcomes New Writers: Yes