Website: http://www.mixtape.lgbt
Guidelines: http://www.mixtape.lgbt/submissions

Email address: submissions@mixtape.lgbt

About The Publication:

“Mixtape.LGBT is a digital arts and music zine. We feature personal stories, brief interviews, media recommendations and critical essays with a focus on LGBTQ+ topics.” Online publication. Pays on acceptance.

Pays $0.10/word.

Current Needs:

“We’re interested in writing that ties together media (meaning art, music, games, film, theater— anything creative) and LGBTQ+ experiences.

Personal stories might involve things like falling in love with a song, how it felt to finally see yourself reflected in fiction, the movies that you pull out when you need comfort — basically, life through the lens of the art we love. Critical essays might be about the transformative power of slash fanfiction; how Instagram is broadening awareness of queer theater; the history and evolution of euphemism in LGBT poetry; or other topics exploring a specific interaction between art and being who we are. While we don’t require strict scientific rigor, we do require that the essay argue a point.

We also like positive reviews for media that deals with LGBT themes. We’re interested in reviews that show us your love for something — like we’re listening to a friend recommend one of their favorites. The media involved need not be new, but it helps if it’s new to us. Finally, we’re setting aside a small number of pages for original poetry. Send us something that really evokes this issue’s theme!” Pays $0.10/word. Word counts: “Personal stories, 600-1200 words. Critical essays, 600-1800 words. Positive reviews for LGBTQ+ media, 300-800 words. Original short poetry, less than 600 words.” Submit query or complete manuscript.

Pays $0.10/word.


We are occasionally interested in photos of performances by members of LGBT communities. We negotiate for photos on a case-by-case basis depending on content as well as the planned prominence within our publication.”


Welcomes New Writers: Yes