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“Who we are: Always now, forever independent. Film Daily is an online platform connecting audiences with indie filmmakers via news, views, and reviews.” Does not accept reprints. Guidelines by email.

Pays $50-$250.

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CURRENT NEEDS: Contributors. “Minimum 3-month commitment and minimum one feature per month. Our publication is growing quickly and we’re looking for a team of talented freelance scribes to write about the ever-expanding world of indie film, filmmaking, film festivals, and content streaming. Our target audience is Gen Z, Gen X, and Millennials. We aim to keep our audience entertained about entertainment. We foster a culture of communication, community, teamwork, and collaboration. Join us now! Writer specification: Film & TV obsessive; You know your Kurosawa from your Kubrick, your Lynch from your Leigh, your Girls from your Broad City; High achiever; You (think you) understand the way the film & TV industries works; You know how to use web searches to learn new skills; Dedicated lifelong learner; Looking for a new challenge; Willing to do whatever it takes to achieve results; Able to prioritize your workload; You think change in Hollywood is long overdue; Impressive portfolio of published articles; Desire to work as a journalist or editor; Understanding of the way online publications work; Tenacious; You know A LOT about film and TV; Words are just about your favorite thing; You live on the internet; You can take a complicated story and cut it down to 280 characters. What we can offer; Access to stream endless films & TV; Paid rates per article; Full credit/author page; As few or as many hours as you’d like; Bonus for page views; References and portfolio links; Invites to film and TV events. The Gig: Film Daily is looking for the voices of your generation; We need contributors for our hungry website; Must have some social media and WordPress experience. Skills: Writing; Tweeting; Self-editing.

Apply online at or email us three journalistic writing samples following one or more of the formats below: Think piece; Review; News story; List.” Pays $50-$250 + site credits + various perks.

Pays $50-$250 + site credits + various perks



Welcomes New Writers: Yes