Eldridge Christian Plays and Musicals

Eldridge Christian Plays and Musicals
P.O. Box 14367,
Tallahassee FL 32317

Phone: (850)385-2463
Website: http://www.95church.com/
Guidelines: http://www.histage.com/aids/churchguideline.pdf

Editor: Susan Shore, New Plays Editor.
Email address: NewWorks-at-95church.com

About The Publication:

“Eldridge also publishes a non-denominational religious plays and musicals.” Outright buys offered. 12-15 new plays and 1-2 musicals per year.

Current Needs:

“Eldridge Christian Plays sells to churches of all sizes and denominations and many of the titles are holiday-based. Our most popular holiday shows are Christmas and Easter, but Thanksgiving and Mother’s Day also rate highly. Many times, our customers like to do quick skits, scenes, or sermon starters throughout the year. These kind of anytime-plays not specifically related to a special holiday are often used as outreach into the community. Characters are at the heart of the plays. It is important to remember that the play’s characters should not have an immediate change of heart but, more realistically, grow throughout the play. Although the message in our plays tends to be timeless, we always look for fresh ways to see God’s truths. Keep in mind that audiences can and want to relate to characters, either current-day or biblical. Audiences also value humor.”

Pays royalty, 50 percent; copy sales, 10 percent.



Welcomes New Writers: