Wrapping Paper Cuts!

Our daughter, Ali, has always helped me with the wrapping at Christmastime. However, she’s double-majoring AND in the middle of finals so she isn’t really available right now. So, I’ve been spending any spare moment I can sorting gifts (out-of-town vs. other) and wrapping. My goal this year was to ship all the out of town gifts by December 5th to avoid expedited shipping fees. Ha ha. What was I thinking? I can’t even find some of the gifts that are supposed to be shipped! I’m not going to let the mayhem get me down, however. Tomorrow, I’m going to teach Max (age 9) how to tie an amazing bow. His handwriting is pretty good so he can write the labels, too. If I wrap, and he has bow and label duty, we should be able to knock it all out in no time.

In the meantime, all our snow melted when we had a huge rain storm on Sunday night. We’re praying for more because Grampa and Rita are arriving on December 23rd and the children were SO excited about taking them sledding!

I have a Masonism for you this week.

Last night, while Mason was taking his bubble bath, he asked, “Mommy, can you roll money?”

I said, “Yes, you can.”

He laughed and replied, “But you can’t roll dollars!!!”

Hugs to all!