Vacation Over – Pooey!

Our holiday was incredibly grand and we sure didn’t like seeing it end! We had friends, family, games, snow, too much Christmas candy and much, much more! As I write this, I can still hear the Christmas wreath outside, tapping against the window in the wind. I need to remember to ask Frank to take those down. While he’s at it, he’ll also take down the outside lights. I’m ashamed to admit those are still up, too! Alyssa took the tree down only two days after Christmas this year. Those dry needles always make me paranoid!

Anyway, the new year is here and I’m once again trying to get back on a writing schedule. Seems I was better at coming up with book ideas than I was at finishing books last year (sigh…) so I’ve promised myself to get back to the grind.

We noticed a milestone for Mason (age 30 months) over the past few weeks. Instead of just talking about concrete objects and people, he’s speaking in sentences about abstract things. For example, while we were thrilled to hear him say, “I want car” several months ago, he now says things like, “Are you okay, Mom?” He said that the other day when he saw I had a bandage on my finger (paper cut). And, he’s showing lots of empathy for people, pets and even his stuffed animals and dolls (yes, our boys play with dolls!). Today, I caught Max jumping on the bed. Mason was standing next to the bed and, knowing Max was being naughty while he wasn’t, he proudly said, “I can’t jump on bed, Mom!” We are certainly enjoying watching such a sweet little boy emerge from his baby cocoon! Another good note is that he’s has gained two lbs. in the past two months (he’s up to 28 lbs.). He wasn’t gaining any weight at all for awhile and that worried the doctor). She taught us how to trick him into eating more protein and it appears to be working. He is the pickiest eater we’ve ever had but, with some creativity, we can get him to take a few bites now and again. Wheat germ is easy to sneak into his cookies and even his chocolate milk. Max (age 7) isn’t particularly fond of our culinary creativity…which brings me to this week’s Maxism:

When I offered Max a warm, homemade chocolate chip cookie last Saturday, he made a face and asked, “Does this one have wheat germs in it?”


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