“Tweet, Tweet”…Silence

I woke up on Tuesday morning and started doing my morning chores – laundry, breakfast, you know the routine. I was still rubbing sleep from my eyes when I heard a very loud “RAT-A-TAT-TAT-BANG-TAT-BANG-TAT!!!” in the kitchen. I ran in there and found Mittens trying to scale our wooden blinds. There was a bird between the blinds and the window. Mittens moved faster than me and had that cute bird in his jaws before I could grab him. But, grab him I did and I managed to pry his jaws open and free the poor thing. It was a beautiful yellow Blackpoll Warbler. I wrapped him in a pillowcase (towels can catch their little claws) and checked him from head to toe. His wings weren’t broken but it appeared one of his toes was. He likely had internal injuries as well. Mittens has brought quite a few birds inside through the doggie door over the years. He seems to enjoy letting them free and then re-catching them and we always try to intervene before, uh, nature takes its course.

I put the wee thing in a birdcage that I use for decoration in the guest room, and told Max he probably wouldn’t live long. I was right. He was dead 10 minutes later.

I put him in a Ziploc baggie and then Max was able to turn him over and over, seeing him in great detail. He then pulled out our bird field guide and read all about Blackpoll Warblers. Morbid…but educational!

This week’s Maxism:

To Frank’s girlfriend, Kate, on her graduation day:

“Wow, you graduated! Now you can go to college and you’ll be all set to be anything you want!”

Hugs to all!


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