The Road is Clear!

As I wrote a few weeks ago, we’re going to spend our free time this summer building on our land in Western Maine instead of taking long RV trips. Richard learned from our neighbors there this morning that our road is clear of snow and ice now so we can drive out anytime we want! We’re very excited about that. When we’re there, we take the RV to sleep in while we’re building. The campground near our land is where we have to dump our gray and black water. However, that campground doesn’t open until May 1st so we can only take short trips to the land. That just gives me more incentive to get that outhouse done! I’ve already started drawing up my plans and making a materials list. Sure, I’ve never built anything like that before, unless you count my old Lincoln Logs set. But, really, um, how hard can it be???

Our strawberry plants are emerging from the soil by the back door and I’ve already pruned my grape vines. I need bigger clippers, however, because I’m going to cut down (or possibly transplant) the two large bushes by our back door. I like them but they’re a bit too prolific and, by the end of each summer, they smack you when you walk by. It’s a nice sunny spot so I’ve decided I want to have an herb garden here instead. The large order of seeds I placed two weeks ago hasn’t yet arrived. However, we can’t plant here until Memorial day so there’s no rush.

A flock of ducks heading north stopped for a rest in the river by our backyard last week. I couldn’t find my bird guidebook anywhere that day and was very disappointed that I couldn’t figure out what those ducks were. They were black and white, a bit small, and beautiful. I later found out there’s a bird guide application, ibird explorer, for my iPhone. Of course, after paying $19.99 for the regular version (pro costs $29.99) of the iPhone program, I found the bird guidebook in the bottom drawer in the kitchen (sigh).

Hugs to all!


P.S. Sorry to leave my fellow bird lovers hanging. I’m getting lots of emails!! The ducks were Buffleheads. Very cool – and so beautiful!

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