The Christmas Countdown Has Begun!

We pulled the decorations out of the basement on Friday and, by Sunday night, everything was up, including the tree and the outdoor lights. I always forget how which cords go with which lighted wreath outside so the puzzle must be re-solved year after year. And, each year, I swear I’m going to label those suckers when they come down after New Year’s…and, each year, I forget.

We polished off all the leftovers and I probably won’t feel like cooking for another week or so. Good thing I’m blessed with a husband who’s handy in the kitchen!

I am almost finished with my Christmas shopping and I’m looking forward to several hours of drinking lots of (non-spiked) Eggnog while I wrap them with beautiful, shiny paper and big, fat ribbons! 🙂

Oh, we bought all new lights for the tree this year – LED lights. They supposedly save lots of electricity and, according to the package, you can attach up to 43 strands together, plugged into just one wall socket! What we didn’t know was that LED lights turn your living room ceiling and floor into a Disco! Check it out!

I HAVE A CHRISTMAS HINT FOR YOU! Erica at Sublimations makes the most amazing personalized puppets and they’re only $30 each! See:

This week’s Maxism:

“I want a cross in my room for Christmas so everyone will know I like God.”

Hugs to all!