Max is all better and has resumed normal activities.

Mason (who got sick about five days after Max) was sick for about five/six days total. His fever finally disappeared on Saturday morning, but came back with a vengeance that night. He also had a really, really runny nose all day Saturday. He was awake and/or babbling in his sleep (he’s definitely a sleep-talker like me) most of the night…meaning I was also up most of the night. On Sunday morning, his fever broke early and he slept soundly for a few hours. I knew he was going to be okay when he yelled at Max on Sunday afternoon for taking one of his toys. He just has some lingering congestion now (on Tuesday night).

Zach was at the doctor on Friday. His fever broke Tuesday morning. He is feeling better, but is still far from 100%.

On Sunday night (five days after Mason started showing symptoms), I felt a tickle in my throat. I ran frantically to the bathroom to throw more vitamin C and D down my throat. I prayed it was just my paranoid imagination because the doc assured us we must be immune since we hadn’t caught it from Max yet. Monday morning, it was worse and I was running a low-grade fever by that afternoon. I didn’t feel too bad that night, and thought maybe I was kicking it. Yeah, right. I woke up feeling like DEATH on Tuesday morning. My tonsils were the size of boulders and my head was pounding. I’m writing this on Tuesday night and I feel awful, and am admittedly very cranky. I’m drinking lots of fluids but I have no appetite. I wish I could crawl into bed and sleep for the next three days (it seems to hang on for around five days) but that’s not going to happen.

Richard used my water glass this morning so I guess he’s definitely next. I can’t believe he hasn’t caught it yet.

Matt’s girlfriend got sick on Friday. So far, Matt, Ali and Frank have been spared. UPDATE: My mom (who was here recently) has it now.

More Hoy Family H1N1 / Swine Flu updates are HERE.

I have a Masonism for you this week:

When we were almost back home after last weekend’s trip, Mason (age 3) was making funny, giggly sounds in the back seat. I turned around and he had a huge grin on his dimpled cheeks as he was looking out the window. He turned to look at me, smiled even bigger, and yelled, “I am very so happy!”

Hugs to all!


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